150730 – Crime Pays for College

Great Scott.

The Hyper Report

Today’s Items:

Global Ponzi Scheme Unraveling

Robert Arnott, who oversees $175 billion, issued a warning that pretty much everything outside of mainstream stocks is flat to down over the last 30 months. The more extend and pretend policies; such as, what is being done in Greece, that are put into place by central banks, the harder the fall will be.

Turkey for ISIS

When ISIS leader Abu Sayyaf was killed, documents at his compound showed undeniable deals between Turkish officials and ISIS leaders to kill Christians. Of course, there are those high in the U.S. government that did not want this to be exposed this at this time because Turkey is a NATO partner.

Eleven Signs of the Times

Here are a few…
1. Body parts of aborted babies are being illegally bought and sold with the full support of Obama.

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