150723 – Elite Sinking Signs

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Today’s Items:

China’s Economy

Here are some interesting facts about China’s economy…
1. The total number of stock brokerage accounts in China is less than 10% of the entire population.
2. At $21 trillion to $7.9 trillion in savings, Chinese save $2.6 for every $1 America saves.
3. China builds for the future; in that, a ghost city built in 2013 now has 4.2 million Chinese living there.

Let’s Invade Syria?

Here we go again folks. The ‘Ministry of Truth’, or U.S. policymakers, are pushing for the US invasion and occupation of Syria. Could this be because the $1 billion covert CIA Syrian budget is facing a potential 20% cut; thus, they need the U.S. Military to have an active involvement to overthrow another nation?

25 Elite Sinking Signs

Here are a few of the 25 signs that the elite are going down…

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