150607 – They’re Losing Control

Great report.

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Today’s Items:

Central Banks Losing Control

For years, global central banks have been manipulating the financial markets; however, every great con game eventually comes to an end. Investors are waking up to the game and this is causing chaos in the bond markets, credit markets and will eventually end in the greatest economic transition that any of us will ever see.

Non-Farm Payroll

The fictitious non-farm payroll report is the poster-child for everything that is wrong with our country. As a small example, the BLS claims the financial services added 23,000 jobs; however, the opposite is true from disclosures from HSBC and JP Morgan. In short, the lies are becoming even more transparent.

Argentina Controls

Governments in financial trouble, like Argentina, award more power to the state and capital controls become the norm. Those living in Argentina have been enduring some of the worst…

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