150517 – Depopulation Test Run?

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Syria’s NSA backed rebels have rejected an UN offer for peace talks. Seriously, is anyone really surprised?

Academic Models

According to Rob Arnott, whose Research Affiliates now oversees more than $170 billion, today, central bankers are no longer bankers, instead they are academics and they are applying finance theory models on a multi-trillion-dollar scale. So, when they see their models are not working, they simply assume they need to execute their plans in a more aggressive manner because they believe their models have to work. Meaning, they gamble on an even bigger scale to the detriment of society.

USA Freedom Act

The House of Representatives, in an act against the American people, approved in a 338 to 88 vote, to pass the USA Freedom Act. A bill that extends the Patriot Act but offers irrelevant reforms in the name of privacy…

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