150507 – Jade Helm and NATO

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The Hyper Report

Today’s Items:

Stock Valuations

According to Gerald Celente, the destabilization in the Middle East is starting to hit the radar of the equity markets around the world. In fact, Janet Yellen commented that equity market valuations are quite high. In addition, U.S. manufacturing continues to struggle as China continues to pump money into their economy.


Americans do not like things hidden from them and that is what is happening with the classified briefings and bill-readings in basement rooms in regards to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. What’s more, with Obama and Republicans supporting this deal with Democrats fighting it, it sounds just like when Bill Clinton needed Republican support to win a bitter battle over the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Obamawreck Lies

Despite promises otherwise, a new poll from the Kaiser Foundation shows that ER visits are up under Obamawreck; thus…

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