150325 – IRS Non-Accountable

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Today’s Items:

White House Touts Burning Yemen

Even though the Yemen government is collapsing and international terrorist groups move in, White House press secretary Josh Earnest continues to call the U.S.’ activities in Yemen as a model for counter-terrorism. It’s all unicorns and rainbows in Obamaland. Why is every press secretary worse than the previous one? They need to get Baghdad Bob in there… At least he has more entertaining.

U.S. Weapon Loss

The U.S. foreign policy continues to make new strides as $500 million in weapons given to Yemen go missing and are now in Al-Qaeda’s hands. So, what could this CIA supported terrorist organization do with 12 drones and 16 aircraft?

IRS Culture of Non-Accountability

In a not-to-stunning revelation, former IRS employees, like scandal ridden Lois Lerner, can still access IRS computer systems and gain access to individual IRS records. A report…

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