Separated and Unequal: The Rise of Gated Communities

How the other 99% live.

Global Consilium

photo credit: <a href="">Private Property</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a> Darren Larson ‘ Private Property via FlickrCC

Among high perimeter walls, 24-7 security guards, nice roads and an array of fairly similar houses; the inhabitants of gated communities have a sense of common identity that is provided by the comfort of concrete walls. Gated communities are nothing more than modern housing in the form of a residential community such as a condominium, housing estate or villa. In the last decade or so these kinds of housing or urbanistic developments have increasingly become a global trend. From Pakistan, Malaysia or India to Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, the rise of gated communities have come to shape society as we know it.

Although the first gated communities started gaining notoriety in the United States back in the 80´s, their global popularity did not peaked until the last decade or so. Nowadays, gated communities have come to embody some sort of new lifestyle many…

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