Dark Energy Over Time


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This post continues the subject of dark energy, which, as discussed in my previous post is a mysterious form of energy which makes up about 68 per cent of the mass of the Universe and is the reason why the Universe is expanding at an ever-faster speed. This post will discuss how the percentage of dark energy changes over time and how this has influenced and will influence the evolution of the entire Universe.Dark energy  now

This post is the fourth in my series on cosmology, the study of the origin and evolution of the Universe as a whole. To view the others please click on the category “Cosmology” at the end of this post.

The influence  of dark energy in the early Universe

As mentioned in my previous post, cosmologists have estimated that the amount of dark energy in the Universe works out at about 0.0069 trillionths of a gramme per cubic kilometer of space, about 150 billion times smaller…

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