150201 – Liberty or Security?

I’ll take liberty and provide my own security.

The Hyper Report

Today’s Items:

Cuban Backfire On Obama

Raúl Castro is demanding that the U.S. return the Guantanamo Bay military base, end anti-Castro radio and television broadcasts, and compensate Cuba for the economic damage they have suffered. In short, in negotiations with Obama, Raúl Castro knows a sucker when he sees one. After all, like the military’s silent response at Obama’s jokes at Hagel’s retirement ceremony, it’s hard to respect a person who bows to America’s enemies while alienating its allies.

China Gold Imports

While Hong Kong net gold exports to mainland China were indeed down 32%, at 750 tons, in 2014, for the last year, there have been other routes; such as, Shanghai and Beijing, that play an increasingly important role in Chinese gold supply. In short, do not be fooled about China’s gold demand going down.

Signs of Coming Depression

Here are…

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