150101 – Impending Dollar Failure?

Great Scott.

The Hyper Report

Today’s Items:

Signs of Impending Dollar Failure

Here are a five signs…
1. After years of hoarding gold, the New York Fed is repatriating European nations with their gold holdings likely because the bankers now have their gold.
2. The BRICS nations are abandoning the Petrodollar for gold.
3. George Soros, according to a 2014 SEC report, has sold his holdings in Citigroup, J.P. Morgan and Bank of America and moved his money into gold.
4. The U.S. and Britain practiced for widespread bank failures on November 10th in a drill facilitated by the FDIC.
5. The Fed is hiring an “Emergency Preparedness” specialist familiar with DHS directives.

Second Best 2014 Currency

The second best performing currency, in terms of U.S. Dollars, in 2014 was not the Mexican Peso, Euro, or the Russian Ruble. Instead, it was gold. You know, the metal that…

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