2015 Predictions

Good satire.

The Hyper Report

Here are some hopeful predictions for the coming year….

1. Obama will become transparant and will tell the truth; in regards, to the many scandals surrounding him.
2. The Federal Reserve will issue a statement stating that they have committed treason by debauching the U.S. currency.
3. The Department of Justice will start prosecuting current, and past, Too-Big-For-Jail bankers for gold and silver manipulation.
4. Custodians for the ETF’s of commodities, will admit to paper short selling.
5. Nancy Pelosi will grow a brain while Boehner grows a pair.
6. Congress will begin reading the bills that they vote on.
7. Obamawreck, the National Defence Authorization Act, and the not-so Patriot Act will be unanimously repealed.
8. Officals at the NSA, IRS, and CIA will be prosecuted for a multitude of crimes.
9. The U.S. Congress will unanimously impeach Obama and other criminals in the government.
10. Congress will unanimously…

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