141120 – Bankers Cheat

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After two years, the Senate investigation committee found that banks did indeed rig the commodity market. For example, since Goldman Sucks took over LME aluminum warehouses, wait time for the metal has increased from 40 to 600 days creating an artificial shortage. Who would have thought that bankers would be cheat like that?

Bankers Cheat

Swiss Researchers, in a scientific study, found that bank workers were more likely to cheat. The question is how much money did they spend to come to that obvious conclusion?

Silver Eagles

On Halloween, silver was knocked down 4%, which resulted in the U.S., mint selling 1,425,000 Silver Eagles in one day. 2014 will be another record year in sales of Silver Eagles at over 42 million. Hopefully, this paper silver price suppression continues; so that, people can load up on the physical.

Taxes and…

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