141106 – Big Bank Exposure

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Big Bank Exposure

Get this…     While JP Morgan, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley have about 8.6 trillion dollars in combined assets, they have a combined total of 279 trillion dollars in derivatives.   Derivatives allow for phony banking and obscuring the true market.    So, when these banks likely fail because of a derivative implosion, the economy will fail and all hell will break loose.

High Dollar Index

Here are some reasons that the U.S. dollar index has surged to a four-year high…
1. The Swiss Franc is tied to the euro representing the EU system that is essentially breaking down.
2. The Japanese yen is going down because the Bank of Japan ramped up their stimulus.
3. The Canadian dollar is weak because of recent weak economic data.
In short, when one considers that the U.S…

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