Trump’s National Security Claims for Autos | Armstrong Economics

Toyota has criticized President Donald Trump’s decision to declare some auto sector imports a national security threat. They say it sends a message that Japan’s largest carmaker isn’t welcome in the United States. Trump has used the threat of “national security” as the excuse for a trade war. His policies on trade are very old world and will do far more harm than good. There is constantly a focus on jobs, but Toyota and BMW have opened plants in the USA and assemble many of their cars in the United States. Claiming there is a threat to national security is really a stretch. We have to understand that what we really need is a complete overhaul of how world trade in actually calculated. If we allocate trade by the flag the company flies, then the USA will have a trade surplus.
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Good points made here.

US Arrests Chinese National Charged With Theft Of Trade Secrets At Phillips 66

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The Chinese government is not our friend, as described here. Yet American consumers keep enabling them by buying their inexpensive products. Our government officials have accepted large cash donations from China 🇨🇳, so they are complicit. We run a ridiculously high trade deficit with them, which also enables them.

They are not working in America’s best interests, so lets stop enabling them.