Steam-powered spaceship could cruise the cosmos indefinitely without running out of gas

Scientists at the University of Central Florida and Honeybee Robotics developed a prototype steam-powered spaceship, dubbed WINE, to explore asteroids and more.
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Scientists Measured All the Light Ever Produced in the Universe

Almost every point of light you see in the night sky is a star β€” a huge, broiling sun smashing atoms together to produce electromagnetic energy many light-years away. If we’re going to understand more about what makes those stars form, shine, and die, we need to start by measuring them. Recently, scientists from Clemson University made one particularly awe-inspiring measurement: they figured out how much starlight has ever been produced in the universe. And it’s a very, very big number.

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Very cool

Physicists Have Developed a Ridiculously Accurate Atomic Clock

Physicists have developed an atomic clock so accurate that it would be off by less than a single second in 14 billion years. That kind of accuracy and precision makes it more than just a timepiece. It’s a powerful scientific instrument that could measure gravitational waves, take the measure of the Earth’s gravitational shape, and maybe even detect dark matter.How did they do it?

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