A New Arecibo Message to Extraterrestrials Needs Your Suggestions

If you had the chance to talk to an extraterrestrial, what would you want to say? There’s a coalition of astronomers hoping to update an old message sent to aliens in 1974 that talked about the world as it was in the era of the Vietnam War and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. If you’re 5 to 16 years old, you can help craft the new message yourself — and if not, be sure to let the younger people in your life know how to get involved!

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ET Phone home

NASA’s First Asteroid-Sampling Spacecraft Is About to Reach Its Destination. Here’s What’s Next

A NASA spacecraft is on a rendezvous with history. The OSIRIS-REx (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer) spacecraft is on final approach to asteroid Bennu for a December 3 arrival, when it will enter the asteroid’s orbit. Next comes an incredible 18 months of preparations for the spacecraft to make its date with history: landing on the rock itself in order to pick up a sample to send back to Earth. Here’s why that’s exciting.

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Bright Streaks on This Underdog Moon of Saturn May Mean It’s Habitable

If you’re searching for life in the universe, there’s honestly no better place to start than our own solar system. Our neighborhood is filled with icy moons with potential for life: Europa, Io, and Ganymede around Jupiter and Titan and Enceladus around Saturn are some of the most famous spots in our solar neighborhood that have hope for habitability. But this even applies to moons you may not have heard of. It turns out that Dione — a moon of Saturn — also may be a habitable world. Scientists recently discovered straight bright stripes on Dione, whose origins give us even more hope for life.

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