Republics in History | Mises Institute

It is of the first importance for the American to grasp the full seriousness of this fact — that the great boon of human freedom has, in the long record of thousands of years, been enjoyed by a mere fraction of the people and for only a brief moment in history.
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Cicero’s Republic: Implanted in the Nature of Man ~ The Imaginative Conservative

The best society, Cicero argues, cultivates us as free individuals for the benefit of the community. Virtue exists in every being, but few realize it or cultivate it. Yet, it is what makes men, men, and allows them to be free… (essay by Bradley J. Birzer)
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A Popular Defense of Our Undemocratic Constitution – The Imaginative Conservative

If we consider the Founders’ arguments for the Constitution, we find not only that they intended it to be undemocratic, but that they would defend even its most undemocratic elements on “popular” grounds. What might appear to the partisans of democracy today as outdated roadblocks to efficient government are for the Founders politically salutary forms intended to delay rash action… (essay by Pavlos Papadopoulos)
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A Republic not a Democacy