‘This is not a day at the beach’: Pelosi tells moderate Dems to stop voting with GOP – POLITICO

House Democrats are divided over how to respond to Republican procedural attacks.
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Like herding cats 🐈

‘Gun Violence Is the Real Emergency’ – LewRockwell

‘Gun Violence Is the Real Emergency’ – LewRockwell
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The difference here is illegal immigration is not a constitutionally protected right, gun ownership is. Pelosi was bluffing as they know that SCOTUS will overturn any gun bans.

Taxpayers To Pay for International Abortions in Democrats’ Funding Bill

Democrats have snuck a provision to fund overseas abortions into a spending bill they claim will reopen the government.
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It is bad enough that we pay for them here. Trump should veto any bill with this in it. If I were Trump, I would step this fight up one more notch and force them to submit a balanced budget, with no deficit spending. If the Dems kept being nasty, I would add a provision to start paying down the national debt. Dig in and fight these socialist globalists to the bitter end.

ORANGE MAN BAD: Chuck and Nancy Post Identical Tweets Claiming Trump is “Plunging the Country Into Chaos”

ORANGE MAN BAD: Chuck and Nancy Post Identical Tweets Claiming Trump is “Plunging the Country Into Chaos”
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Only in the mind of a politician could ending two wars and closing our borders to illegal immigrants, become chaos.