Palestinian Leaders and Inconvenient Truths

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas understood that he had made a grave error in calling out his Arab brothers for their tightfistedness. This was a massive mistake because his Arab brothers do not tolerate any form of criticism. For them,
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Palestinians: Abbas Stands ‘Trial’ for Treason

To some, the mock trial in the Gaza Strip of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas may seem trivial or like some sort of bizarre comedy act. The “trial,” however, is something else entirely: it is designed to send a signal not only to Abbas, but
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The proxies are taking over.

Palestinians: Silencing and Intimidating Critics

Palestinian columnist Sami Fuda denounced the Hamas crackdown on its critics in Gaza: “Apparently, freedom of expression is unacceptable to the de facto rulers of the Gaza Strip… The policy of intimidating and imprisoning writers will not deter them
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The oppressors of freedom are a diverse bunch with the same goal.