2019: The Three Trends That Matter

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I tend to agree with what is said here. The working class is more important than the elites would have you believe. Take any of the big cities in the world and ask, are they self sustaining, no way. They import food, and energy in various forms from all over the world. These cities cannot feed themselves. Without the working class that produces food, energy,and maintains infrastructure, these cities would crumble under their own weight.

Yet the elites in these cultural Mecca’s, who live like ants right on top of one another, look down their noses at the very people who have them on life support. All the while over taxing their hard earned wages to fund utopian pipe dreams of the elite.

The working class can get by without the elites, while the elites can’t say the same about the working class. If all the big costal cities fell into the ocean, the rest of America would know how to survive.