Is this the Coldest Winter in 83 years? | Armstrong Economics

Vancouver, where it rarely snows, has had five snow storms this year. It has even been reported that snow has fallen in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Now that is an extremely rare event by itself in addition to Vancouver. The winter cold has been severe this year. It appears that we are heading toward this trend in the next 8.6-year cycle if we see this unfold against next year. Given the outlook for food prices into 2024, something just does not look normal on the economic front. Meanwhile, it is now official. February has been the COLDEST month in 83 years! The global climate pattern is now transitioning from a global warming cycle, which peaked in 1998 on a long-term basis and 2015 on a short-term basis, to a global cooling long-term and short-term cycle. Both the Arctic and Antarctic entered the next global cooling cycle in 2015 and have been dramatically cooling during the past 3 years. In the UK, according to the Central England Temperature (CET), a record of monthly mean temperatures dating back to 1659, December 1890 was marginally colder, with a mean of -0.8°C. The data is available that demonstrates this is a cycle and it predates the Industrial Revolution. In Arizona, the temperatures have broken even a 122-year previous record low.
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Massachusetts DA Gets Hot Under The Collar About ICE Arrest |

The new district attorney of Suffolk County, Massachusetts is angry over the arrest of an alleged cocaine trafficker. Read more at
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It boggles my mind that we coddle criminals as a form of virtue signaling. Identity politics has gone too far when this happens.

ICE drops off almost 200 more migrants in El Paso, but this time gives advance notice to local charities – CBS News

But this time, the agency alerted charities in advance so they could prepare; ICE plans to release 500 more Wednesday, local officials say
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Good to see private citizens willing to help, instead of looking to taxpayers all of the time. I wonder if Beto and his family took any of them in? We all know the answer to that.

Massachusetts Judge: No Keeping ICE Out of Courthouses | Federation for American Immigration Reform

On September 18, Justice Elspeth Cypher of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC), the Bay State’s highest court, ruled against eight illegal aliens and three organizations who had sought to keep Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from making arrests in the state’s courthouses.
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