Best Preserved Dinosaur Fossil Ever Found By Miners In Canada |

Shawn Funk, a Canadian heavy equipment operator, has discovered a number of astonishing prehistoric finds in his mining career including petrified tree stumps and the fossilized remains of prehistoric plants. However, his discovery on the 21st of March 2011 put all of the rest of his discoveries…
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What Made George Washington Great? | PragerU

There would have never been a United States of America without George Washington. John Rhodehamel, author of George Washington: The Wonder of the Age, details how Washington successfully guided the budding nation through war and nurtured her in peace. This video was made in partnership with the American Battlefield Trust. Learn more about George Washington and America’s Battlefields at
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Famed WW2 Aircraft Carrier Torpedoed in 1942 Found Miles Deep in Pacific Ocean

After 77 years, the wreck of the USS Hornet has finally been found, lying more than three miles deep in South Pacific waters. The storied aircraft carrier—sunk by Japanese torpedoes in 1942 with the loss of 140 men— played a critical role during the Second World War, most famously in the Doolittle Raid and the Battle of Midway.

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