Euro-Skeptics Score Big – Will Brussels Reform? | Armstrong Economics

Europe’s voters have spoken. The establishment parties have lost big time and the ant-EU parties have made major gains as have the Green parties. This was the highest turnout ever in European elections. The ant-EU parties won in the UK, France, Italy, and even in the Netherlands. This is a very clear message for Brussels that Europe must reform if it is to survive. Will the EU Commission listen since they do not stand for election.
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The short answer is no.

Sweden, nation that pioneered living without cash, warns: Hoard your banknotes | Money | The Sunday Times

Everyone in Sweden has been urged to stockpile coins and banknotes in case the country’s move towards a cashless society leaves them without money in a cyber-crisis. In a move that will sound alarm bells in the UK, Sweden — one of the most advanced nations for digital payments — has warned that its
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First they import thousands of Muslims and now a cashless society. The globalists have a strong hand in Sweden.