Republicans Send Massive Team to Florida as Second Recount Begins

‘As far as we’re concerned, he is the senator-elect.’
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Long overdue

Soros-Funded Groups Defended Brenda Snipes in Lawsuit Alleging Inaccurate Voter Rosters

Soros-Funded Groups Defended Brenda Snipes in Lawsuit Alleging Inaccurate Voter Rosters
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You can’t blame only one person for this mess, she may be guilty but she is not alone.

The Most Important Florida Election Win is the One No One is Talking About | Mises Institute

Last night’s midterms were the odd political event where both sides left seeming reasonably happy with the result. While it was no blue wave, Democrats will now have two years of using the House to investigate the Trump Administration, while the GOP has strengthened its hold of the Senate and held on to several governorships.
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I really like this idea

Florida Orange Trees Dying from Cold? | Armstrong Economics

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Is it true that the Global Cooling has been creeping lower and lower into Northern Florida that the citrus crops are being affected to the point that they are starting to switch to olives? DT ANSWER: Yes, that is true. Florida here has not been devasted by the heat as up north. However, at the same time, during the winter it did get cold enough that some of the plant I have died. This is happening to the citrus trees. There has been a shift to planting olive trees which can withstand the cold. This seems to be part of the cycle behind climate change and global cooling.
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