Some major Android apps are still sending data directly to Facebook – The Verge

Major Android mobile apps from companies including Yelp and Duolingo send data to Facebook immediately after a user logs in, according to a new report from the London-based UK charity and watchdog group Privacy International (PI). This data transfer happens even if a user isn’t logged into Facebook on that device and even in the event the user doesn’t have an active Facebook account at all.
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Get rid of it

UN Blames Facebook, WhatsApp For Enabling Human Trafficking; Charities Call BS

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Facebook again. It really conflicts me to agree with the UN on anything, but I think they are on the mark here. The open borders crowd does enable human trafficking, and exploitation of all kinds to immigrants. In many cases women and children are the most frequent victims. Politicians just want more voters, they are generous with other people’s money to get votes.