Education Freedom Scholarships: Bold School-Choice Reform | National Review

The administration’s plan is an unprecedented opportunity for both parties to come together and allow states to directly empower families with greater educational freedom.
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Liberal Education: The Foundation and Preservation of a Free Society ~ The Imaginative Conservative

In a time of economic uncertainty, liberal education holds out the promise of joy in learning, contentment in contemplating truth, and satisfaction in community. These things are available to all people, rich or poor. (essay by Josh Herring)
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Why the Left Isn’t Convinced by Your Economics Arguments | Mises Wire

Among advocates for free-market activists, I’m often told that the unconverted will embrace free-markets if only we explain to them “good economics.”
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Too many on the left lack critical thinking skills and do not understand markets or wealth creation. This leads to a cognitive dissonance in regard to understanding economics. JohnBarleycorn