Having Children causes Global Warming as the leading cause of 58.6% | Armstrong Economics

I understand some people just don’t want to believe that all this Global Warming is a ploy because they know the bulk of society is just too stupid or naive to understand they are being manipulated. A number of people do not want to believe the secret agenda is to reduce population growth. Here it is in black and white published in Canada. They argue that the #1 way to prevent climate change is to STOP having children!!!!!! This kind of attitude makes me feel I should be doing my part and have more children again. There is something seriously wrong with these people. They claim that not even having a car contributes to only 2.4% reduction in CO2. The biggest decrease in CO2 is to stop having children which would reduce it by 58.6%. My vote would be for euthanasia and we start with those who advocate not having children and we just correct the mistake their parents made, to begin with. I think the planet will be much safer without them. I would bet the way they see it, you have no kids so they can. Until the herd of sheep wake up and realize they are being fed propaganda for an alternative reality show playing in their minds, we are doomed. The French rebellion over taxes on fuel is a Global Warming Tax. So Macron backed off of the fuel tax. To show this is just an excuse for Global Warming and the real objective is to grab more money, Macron’s government indicated earlier that it could also amend a wealth tax raising it to make up the difference. So again, this is all about money.
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For Climate Interventionists, New Taxes are Only the Beginning | Mises Institute

[Editors Note: After days of rioting in the streets of Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron was forced to backtrack today on proposed gas taxes. While this episode demonstrated the unpopularity of trying to raise taxes in the name of fighting climate change, Mises Institute Senior Fellow Robert Murphy recently noted at IER that this is only the start for “climate
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The globalists are motivated toward taking wages and power from the working class.

Climate Change – More than Global Warming | Armstrong Economics

There is a lot more to Climate Change than the dire predictions that we will be eating each other by now. The Sahara Desert was once lush and green. Then the weather systems shifted and the once fertile land turns to desert. The Sphinx is believed to have the face of Khafra of the 4th dynasty during the Old Kingdom which was carved perhaps around 2500BC. Some believe that the Sphinx predates the Egyptians and was actually a lion because there appear to be what some claim are water erosion marks. If true, then the original Sphinx may have existed even as far back as 10,000BC when a Lion would have faced the constellation, Leo. We do know that the Sahara was lush and tropical perhaps as late as 6,000 years ago. Curiously, this is about the length of recorded history. The stories of Noah seem to predate this period of recorded history and might have been linked to dramatic climate change. The story of Noah was even celebrated in Anatolia (modern Turkey) on the coinage of the Roman Empire. The weather has been changing in the desert. It is now in bloom once again. Indeed, there have been recent discoveries which confirm that the Arabian Peninsula was once a lush place. Tuthmosis IV was the 8th Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt, who ruled in approximately the 14th century BC. The dream Tuthmosis IV took place when he was a prince. He dreamt that he stopped to rest in the shadow of the Sphinx during a hunting expedition in the desert. While asleep, the Sphinx spoke to him, saying that he would become king if he cleared away the sand that all but buried the Sphinx. When he became king, Tuthmosis IV cleared the sand and erected a stele that tells the story of his dream. There have been elephant tusks discovered and scientists have also uncovered 10,000 ancient lake and river beds across the Arabian Peninsula. All of this confirms that the climate was very different. What we do know is that the tropical belt has been moving northward once again. It was previously over the Sahara about 6,000 years ago. There are also cave drawings showing abundant wildlife in the Sahara. The question that arises is that the climate change we are witnessing is certainly not caused by humans. It has happened before many times. It is getting colder in the northern regions and what was desert is starting to bloom. What we do know is that Northern Africa was invaded by the Sea People who were probably Greeks forced to flee because of Climate Change. Perhaps we are witnessing similar events over the next 20 years of the dryer and colder weather in the north which compels many to flee to the south.
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We Were Supposed to be Resorting to Cannibalism by Now from Global Warming | Armstrong Economics

Despite the forecasts 20 years ago that snow would be a thing of the past, the last three winters have been getting progressively colder and nastier. Back in 1975, Newsweek predicted we were going into a new ice age until it became profitable to flip it into global warming to justify new taxes. Back in 1971, Stanford University professor Paul Ehrlich who wrote in 1968 his book The Population Bomb, forecast that by the end of the millennium in 2000, “the United Kingdom will be simply a small group of impoverished islands, inhabited by some 70 million hungry people.” He forecast that England will not exist in the year 2000. He later perhaps saw where the money was and flipped his forecast to catastrophic global warming. He then forecasts we would be resorting to cannibalism. Now the UK faces COLDEST winter for the DECADE with heavy, early snowfall threatening to blanket the nation by Christmas. The interesting crisis we face is the overregulation which has raised the production cost of wheat in the United States and Australia. Australia used to be the cheapest place to grow wheat but as the environmentalists have dominated the regulations, the cheapest cost of producing wheat has shifted to Ukraine and Russia. We are totally unprepared for global cooling and we should be stockpiling grain reserves NOW!!!!
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Oops they were wrong again

NASA Now Says They See a Cooling Trend – Not Warming | Armstrong Economics

“We see a cooling trend,” Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center said in late September. “High above Earth’s surface, near the edge of space, our atmosphere is losing heat energy. If current trends continue, it could soon set a Space Age record for cold.” … …. Ron Turner a Senior Science Advisor to NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts program, said at the time that this solar cycle was “among the weakest on record,” noting that in the 23 solar cycles since recording began in 1755, there were very few solar maxima weaker than that recorded in 2014. As a consequence, scientists are predicting one of the coldest periods ever recorded for our upper atmosphere – and that means cooler temperatures down here, too. “We’re not there quite yet,” Mlynczak said about the anticipated record low thermosphere temperatures, “but it could happen in a matter of months.” …
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…….and then there is this with Trump managing NASA instead of Obama