ADHD Could Make You More Creative

Do you get distracted easily? Do you find that you have a hard time focusing your attention on something you aren’t interested in? Ever get the feeling that your brain is like a bird flitting from branch to branch and never staying in the same place long enough to build a nest? You might have some form of ADHD. The good news? It could make you more creative than somebody without it.

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Thinking of it as an advantage instead of a disorder.

What, Then, Is Creativity? – The Imaginative Conservative

Last week a student asked me, “What is creativity?” I was unsure how to respond. I did not know what it was any more than he. My ignorance on this subject nevertheless inspired me to seek understanding, perhaps even a definition, and then to proffer brief, explanatory remarks… (essay by Allen Mendenhall)
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Those in the teaching profession who have the humility to admit they don’t know the answer, have my upmost respect.