Eliot and Irons ~ The Imaginative Conservative

Hearing T.S. Eliot’s poems read brings us back to the haunting beauty of the words themselves, and hearing the words unlocks Eliot’s powerful imagery, just as he would have wanted. Jeremy Irons’ classic rendition empowers this strange transaction, and through the words we are taken beyond the words to the realm of the Word… (essay by Dwight Longenecker)
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Pas de Duh – Taki’s Magazine – Taki’s Magazine

Not until the educated middle classes took up tattooing did anyone in the West suppose that the practice was anything other than a fairly primitive means of identification with a group, often a marginalized group at that; certainly no one imagined that a tattoo on the face could be “sweet” or that the words “I want to save and protect” tattooed on the shoulder were, or could be, a solution to anything at all.
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The Myth of Modernism ~ The Imaginative Conservative

The fact that music has to sound makes it by nature a more traditional art form than painting or sculpture. Many people live and work in ugly buildings without batting an eye; yet were they forced to listen to cacophonous music in those buildings, they would flee in droves. This is due, I think, to the more visceral impact that music has. Whatever experimental sounds they may throw at their listeners, composers will eventually fall back on forms and procedures that have been proven to sound well.
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