What Would Happen If You Traveled Faster than the Speed of Light?

When we were kids, we were amazed that Superman could travel faster than a speeding bullet. We could even picture him, chasing down a projectile fired from a weapon, his right arm outstretched, his cape rippling behind him. If he traveled at half the bullet’s speed, the rate at which the bullet moved away from him would halve. If he did indeed travel faster than the bullet, he would overtake it and lead the way. Go, Superman! In other words, Superman’s aerial antics obeyed Newton’s views of space and time: that the positions and motions of objects in space should all be measurable relative to an absolute, nonmoving frame of reference.

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Don’t Blame Capitalism for the Decline of the Extended Family | Mises Wire

A common myth about capitalism — and its associated ideology, (classical) liberalism — is that capitalism and liberalism somehow “force” people to prefer consumption and profit maximization above all other value systems.
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Our failed system of crony capitalism has created this mess. Until we demand an end to the tax breaks and collusion of the deep state with these corporations, we will keep getting more of the same. Big tech and big government are making every American dream smaller, and all by design. JohnBarleycorn

The Problem with Big Tech | Mises Wire

It’s been a very odd thing to watch as liberals, neocons and even outright communists have repeatedly said something akin to “freedom of speech doesn’t give you a platform” while one conservative and libertarian after another is kicked off various social media sites.
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The best way to fight back is to not use their platforms. There are other ways and platforms to share the truth with others, if you start thinking and acting outside of the herd mentality. JohnBarleycorn

The Internet Relies on Huge Undersea Cables — And They’re Vulnerable

Recently a digital blackout in Tonga — caused by the severing of the country’s only undersea cable — generated widespread recognition of the submerged systems our connected world depends upon.Not many people realize that undersea cables transport nearly 100 percent of transoceanic data traffic. These lines are laid on the very bottom of the ocean floor. They’re about as thick as a garden hose and carry the world’s internet, phone calls and even TV transmissions between continents at the speed of light. A single cable can carry tens of terabits of information per second.

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The Insane Surveillance of your iPhone that Exposes You To Massive Risks | Armstrong Economics

There is a new and very serious data scandal rising up with iPhones that Apple is being asked to shutdown. There are a number of major companies who are now secretly recording your every move on their iPhone apps without your permission or even your knowledge. They are actually recording every keystroke you make. The list of companies are Abercrombie & Fitch, Air Canada, Expedia, Hollister, Hotels.COM, and Singapore Airlines to mention a few. According to an investigation by App Analyst, they checked apps created by Glassbox by reviewing their listed customers to see exactly what data was leaving their iPhones and going back to the companies. According to TechCrunch, none of the apps that were checked bothered to tell the client that they were recording their screens or that they were sending the information back to each company. This type of surveillance to see what you might be interested in buying next is EXTREMELY dangerous. This is going way too far and we really do need laws to prohibit this type of data collection. They are capturing everything including your banking details. What is becoming painfully obvious is you SHOULD NOT use your phone for financial transactions — PERIOD!!!!! Additionally, get a cheap laptop and use that for any financial transactions with NO OTHER apps for movies, travel, or anything. Segregate your financial transactions from the rest of your activities.
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