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According to the UN, last year nearly 2,300 Africans drowned to death in the Mediterranean en route to Europe. Last June, Di Maio and Salvini’s populist coalition came into power and effectively shut down the coming hordes of boat people. This year so far, there have been only 282 drowning deaths in the Mediterranean.
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Honest coverage of a tragic event.

HORROR! Angry Senegalese Driver Sets School Bus Full of Italian Children on Fire ‘To Avenge Deaths of African Migrants at Sea’ (VIDEO)

HORROR! Angry Senegalese Driver Sets School Bus Full of Italian Children on Fire ‘To Avenge Deaths of African Migrants at Sea’ (VIDEO)
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More diversity

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Now, with Brenton Tarrant’s alleged death toll at one body higher than Mateen’s, and with Tarrant explicitly proclaiming that he did it to curb Muslim population growth and to frighten them all the way back to their ancestral homelands, you can bet your every last worthless Federal Reserve Note that for the next year at least, we will continue to be forcibly spoon-fed the notion that white-male terrorism is the big threat and that any time white males even notice that the reigning cultural climate is hostile toward white males, blood will inevitably be spilled, because white males are violent monsters and there’s absolutely nothing racist about that statement.
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First, I blame the shooter. Secondly I blame the globalists and open border policies, thirdly I blame cowardly politicians and media corporations who promote identity politics and guilt transference. When you shut down free speech and open debate, violence happens on both sides. This is where we are, and it is a sad state of affairs.

Lastly I look at who benefits from things like this and the only apparent winner is the gun control crowd in New Zealand 🇳🇿. They even noted that there will be no debate about the new restrictions. Did they allow this to happen to get their agenda passed, or were they just incompetent to not notice this crackpot amassing weaponry and spewing hatred? You decide.

Trump: Democrats Are “Border Deniers”

Trump: Democrats Are “Border Deniers”
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The globalists goal seems to be flooding the Eurozone countries with third world immigrants from the Mideast and Africa, and the US with South Americans. Cheap labor, uneducated and easily manipulated masses, bigger welfare state, voters for more of the same. Western Civilization will collapse under its own weight.