A Strong US Dollar is the Only Way to Create Change | Armstrong Economics

COMMENT: It is interesting how these people take your interviews and inject headlines like you say the dollar will collapse in April 2019 when you have said exactly the opposite. Just unbelievable how these people use your name to promote their BS. JD REPLY: I know. They keep preaching the dollar will collapse when it is exactly the opposite. They are trying to sell their biased view which is always based upon the idea of the quantity theory of money – the same exact philosophy used by the central banks in Quantitative Easing. The ONLY way the monetary system will break is with a STRONG dollar – not a weak dollar.The monetary system has broke ONLY when the dollar rises as in 1934 and 1985. The US always wants a weak dollar to increase corporate profits and and create a trade surplus. It is really quite amazing how these people keep preaching the same nonsense for decades and have never been right for more than 30 years.
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Who Bought the Gigantic $1.5 Trillion of New US Government Debt Issued over the Past 12 Months? | Wolf Street

Who Bought the Gigantic $1.5 Trillion of New US Government Debt Issued over the Past 12 Months? | Wolf Street
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This is the issue that will eventually bring this country to its knees. This is more money than people can fathom, let alone the interest we pay on it. Politicians are still spending more money than we take in, and this will end badly.

The only way out for all of these countries with massive debt like ours will either be a default or the globalist banking cabal creating a global currency and forgiving all debt. Either way this ends badly, especially for the most vulnerable. JohnBarleycorn

Governments Are Sucking in Assets like a Black Hole | Armstrong Economics

QUESTION: Hello Sir, I am French and have been reading you for many years (I already read you while you published papers while you were very unfairly imprisoned). I signed up for Socrates on 6th January and must thank you warmly for opening my eyes to the real state of the global economy and its cycles. Unfortunately, I live in France and taxes weigh heavily on us. Unemployment is preponderant. I do not think our President E.Macron knows exactly what he is doing by reforming our economy in his own way… My question please: You explained that the next crisis would be a debt crisis and that banks and the economy would be severely heckled. So, I really think about quickly withdrawing my assets (about 50,000 euros) from the bank and I wonder if converting them into foreign currency and keeping them in a safe in my house would not be a good idea … If the euro is devalued or disappears as I fear, would not it be smart to convert them as soon as possible into Swiss francs? Indeed, their economy seems stable and it is really a country apart, bordering on France. (Of course, I also thought about owning dollars and yen (although the yen inspires me less confidence) Thanking you for everything you do for us, Sincerely, F.C ANSWER: Dollars are probably the best because the USA does not cancel currency as they do in Europe. Dollars from 1860s are still legal tender today. You might want to open an account in the USA, which ironically is not part of the tax reporting schemes. Therefore, you can have an account in the USA with no problem for probably the next 3 years. Governments are becoming like a black hole. They are sucking up all the money to sustain their existence. Keeping cash at home in a safe is good. Keep in mind that you will never be able to travel with even $10,000. That is why I say opening an account may be best. The cash problem is still unfolding as the governments try to eliminate paper money. I doubt Trump would allow that to happen in the States. But once Trump is gone, it really does not matter if the next president is a career politician from either party. They will look at eliminating cash to increase taxation. That is when it will be keen to have tangible assets (equity mostly). Precious metals may have the same problem as cash insofar as if you attempt to travel with it. That is the whole problem going forward. They are closing in on the movability of money.
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