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Articles for Wednesday 16 November 2016

Want to stop the riots?  Play the National Anthem.  They will all sit down.

  • Eyes on Bank of Japan
    • With 10 year Japanese yields edging back above zero, the market is now watching the Bank of Japan’s every move, and specifically whether the Japanese central bank will defend the zero level.
  • Recall of 500/1000 Rupee Notes Update
    • The process of removal of these notes has caused a massive PHYSICAL gold buying with prices going up and it also demonetized 86% of India’s existing cash. To make things worse, banks do not have enough of the new notes.
  • Pensions Slash Hedge Fund Allocations
    • After a 15-year love affair with hedge funds, pensions and endowments are finally growing weary of their excessive fees, lackluster returns and manager arrogance.
  • Merkel to be the New ‘Leader of the Free World’?   
    • With a Trump victory, some are looking…

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