160626- Harry Reid Vs. NRA

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EU will Crumble

Weather the ensuing chaos was planned or not, the Brexit will likely trigger more referendums and the political EU experiment will crumble to pieces. Having divergent economies using the same currency is doomed to destruction and will ensure chaos. Speaking of chaos…

Prepare For Chaos

Get ready for more stimulus in the U.S. and this time… It will be stimulus on steroids coupled with price controls and martial law when everything stops working. Yes, we are living in interesting times.

Harry Reid Vs. NRA

When Senator Dirty Harry Reid described the NRA, an organization set up to defend the second amendment from the likes of Dirty Harry himself, he stated that the organization doesn’t care about constitutional rights. Hey NRA! How is that endorsement of Dirty Harry working out for you now?

Obama Gross Lies

Based on…

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