160313 – War on Citizens

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Turning Inward

For years, the manufactured lie, known as the ‘War on Terror’, or should it be called ‘War of Terror’, was directed at other countries; however, that has changed. With the use of drones and unconstitutional surveillance by the U.S. government, the “war on terror” is slowly but surely transitioning into a “war on the citizens.”

CIA Targeting Trump?

One just can’t make this stuff up folks. It turns out that the attacker on Donald Trump, Tommy DiMassimo, was associated with the CIA controlled ISIS. If true, should we expect other covert CIA operations like Trump having a heart attack?

New York Fed Theft

Chinese hackers are being blamed for hacking into the New York Fed and stealing $100 million from the Bangladesh central bank. Really? Since the CIA has already admitted to hacking the U.S. Senate’s computers

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