151111 – U.S. Banks Not Safe

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Today’s Items:

U.S. Banks Not Safe

Financial regulators, including the Fed and FDIC, have issued a condemnation of the U.S. banking system, according to the annually published report. The report identified a huge jump in risky loans due to overexposure to weakening oil and gas industries that is in excess of $3.9 trillion. In other words, does your bank have a positive net worth?

Venezuela Default?

In order for the government of Venezuela to keep themselves afloat, they had to fund $3.5 billion in bonds by selling 19% of its gold holdings. Needless to say, it is far wiser to use up all paper “assets” to repay “paper” liabilities, before resorting to hart money.

Escorting ISIS

In a video, a convoy of the familiar ISIS Toyota pick-ups, courtesy of the U.S., was apparently escorted by a U.S. Apache attack helicopter from Iraq into…

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