151018 – Measles Mary

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Today’s Items:

Japan Going NIRP?

Japan auctioned off a 1 year note at a record negative interest of -0.0418%. What may be going on is that fears over a U.S. debt default are forcing debt holders into Japanese short term paper or Japan may itself be approaching the limits of ZIRP and be on the verge of NIRP.

5 Million Jobs

According to the report from the World Bank, the world has to create some 600 million jobs over the next 10 years, or 5 million a month, just to keep the financial system afloat. In the U.S. alone, the true unemployment rate is at Great Depression levels with no decent jobs being created; thus, when people can’t afford to buy food the desperation sets in, the riots will start.

Obama Covering for Clinton

FBI investigators have not reached any conclusions about whether the…

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