151001 – Financial Tectonic Shift

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Financial Tectonic Shift

Since 2009, the markets have always responded to Central Banking prodding. Today, a tectonic shift has begun in the markets; in that, if they no longer respond to the Fed’s efforts to boost them, then it is game over for the Fed and its policies.

Gold-Rigging Scandal and UBS

Global precious metals trading has been under regulatory scrutiny since December 2013. Now, UBS, granted with conditional leniency by the Swiss government, is in a position to blow the lid off the gold price manipulation scandal that could dwarf Libor-gate. UBS will likely do this or face more massive financial penalties by their government.


Soon, blind faith in the global financial system will likely be shattered. For example, with a derivative debt approaching $30 billion and a market value of just $16 billion, Glencore, headquartered in Switzerland, could…

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